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Republicans Are Blaming Charlie Kirk For Trump’s Floundering Youth Vote

Republicans Are Blaming Charlie Kirk For Trump’s Floundering Youth Vote

The Republican party has had problems with young voters for decades. A party that has problems with race relations, gun control, gay rights and climate change doesn’t really appeal to people under the age of 30. Still, there are still college Republican groups trying to convince millennials that the party is for them.

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The most prominent activist targeting younger Republicans is Charlie Kirk. Kirk founded the organization Turning Point USA, which is active on a number of American college campuses. And after Trump had terrible results with young voters in 2020, some in the GOP are pointing at Kirk.

In a story for Politico, Gabby Orr writes:

“To Trump’s critics, Biden gained ground with young voters because of who his opponent was: a divisive politician with a culture wars playbook that failed to energize audiences outside of his base. But among the president’s campaign aides and allies, the consensus is far less clear. Interviews with more than a dozen people involved in Trump’s 2020 operation revealed rifts, acrimony and a system in which no one would take the blame but everyone had a scapegoat — from the president himself, to the campaign to outside groups like Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk’s conservative campus organizing group.”

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A person close to Kirk rejected the claims, saying, “Instead of trying to scapegoat Turning Point Action, a completely outside, separate and independent entity that’s still fighting for election integrity, maybe that’s what the campaign should be doing.”

You can read Orr’s full report here

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