Republican Warns, Contesting Election Will Destroy Trump’s Path To Victory In 2024

While many Republicans in Congress are jumping on the bandwagon to contest electoral votes for President-Elect Joe Biden, others are counseling caution. Thomas Massie is one of those, and he’s offering a different reason. While many legislators are warning that the move could be damaging to democracy, Massie says that it could block Trump’s path to victory if he runs again in 2024.

Thomas Massie says challenging electors is risky
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call]

Along with several other Republican Representatives (Kelly Armstrong, Ken Buck, Mike Gallagher, Nancy Mace, Tom McClintock, and Chip Roy) Massie released a statement that can be read in full on his Congressional site, here.

Massie doesn’t recognize, in the letter, that attorneys for Donald Trump, or representing his interests, failed to provide any evidence of fraud and had cases thrown out of one court after another, or that the Supreme Court even refused to hear their claims. Instead, he suggests that there were “significant abuses” in the system, and says that election integrity needs to be addressed.

However, he warns, Congress won’t be changing the outcome of the election.

“Of the six states as to which questions have been raised, five have legislatures that are controlled by Republicans, and they all have the power to send a new slate of electoral votes to Congress if they deem such action appropriate under state law. Unless that happens between now and January 6, 2021, Congress will have no authority to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.”

Then he goes on with reasoning he admits is partisan — if Congress sets this precedent, it could prevent Republicans from winning the Presidential race via electoral vote in the future, if they lose the popular vote.

“From a purely partisan perspective, Republican presidential candidates have won the national popular vote only once in the last 32 years. They have therefore depended on the electoral college for nearly all presidential victories in the last generation. If we perpetuate the notion that Congress may disregard certified electoral votes—based solely on its own assessment that one or more states mishandled the presidential election—we will be delegitimizing the very system that led Donald Trump to victory in 2016, and that could provide the only path to victory in 2024.”

Tweeting in response to a constituent, Massie reiterated that there is no chance Congress will overturn the election on January 6th, even if every Republican was on board with the effort.

Trump has called for support from Congress in the matter, and promoted “wild protest” in D.C. on the day the electoral college vote is confirmed by Congress.

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