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Republican Senators Worried About Trump Tweeting During Trial

Republican Senators Worried About Trump Tweeting During Trial

Despite the best efforts of GOP representatives, Donald Trump was impeached by congress on Wednesday night. The President’s trial will now move to the Republican held senate, where the hearings are likely to be much friendlier for him.

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Of course, Trump has the ability to make things much harder on himself by using social media. And there has yet to be anyone who can control the President’s tweeting. According to a new report from Politico, the GOP lawmakers are really hoping that Trump will stay quiet throughout the trial.

The report notes, “Senate Republicans, who loathe the president’s tweeting, are hoping that when impeachment comes to the Senate, Trump will do something out of character: Stay quiet.”

A number of Republican senators have come out to say basically the same thing. Trump ally Lindsey Graham said, “He needs to be respectful of the process. He can defend himself, he has a right to express his grievances but if I were him I would … keep a low profile.”

Susan Collins says that she hopes that the President can control himself, but doesn’t have high hopes. “The president would be best served by letting his lawyers speak for him and not doing any comment. At all,” she said. “I doubt, however, that he will heed my advice.”

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West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito advised, “Tweet less, smile more. It does make it more difficult but he’s going to do what he’s going to do.”

The trial will begin once the House of Representatives sends the articles over to the senate.

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