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Republican Senators Confirm Claims In Anti-Trump White House Op-Ed

Republican Senators Confirm Claims In Anti-Trump White House Op-Ed

Donald Trump White House against him, say Senators

Yesterday’s op-ed by a senior White House official has had a jarring effect, leaving the Trump administration and the GOP as a whole to try to explain exactly what’s going on in the Oval Office. Now more Trump Administration officials are speaking out — and so are Republican senators.

Republicans are openly stating that they’ve known all along of the work of operatives within the administration to keep Trump under control.

Donald Trump White House against him, say Senators
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After an op-ed released from an anonymous senior White House official, Donald Trump responded vehemently, saying that the anonymous source may not exist at all, and if the source does, the person is “gutless,” and must be turned over to the government. Now other members of the Trump Administration have come forward too, and they say there are “dozens and dozens” more.

That’s not all — in addition to the anonymous sources, Republican senators are coming forward openly to say this reflects what they know of the Trump White House.

On the Hugh Hewitt Show, Ben Sasse, a Republican Senator from Nebraska, spoke about the op-ed. While he disagreed openly with the decision to publish it, he didn’t deny the contents.

It’s just so similar to what so many of us hear from senior people around the White House, you know, three times a week. So it’s really troubling, and yet in a way, not surprising.

Calling the challenges of dealing with Trump ‘unique,’ Sasse said he thought it was a moral act to try to protect the country, but that he doesn’t understand why someone would make this public.

I think publishing something like this only makes that worse. So I wish whoever it was wouldn’t have done it, but I think that the stuff that’s in it is frankly not surprising…because this is what you hear from two-thirds of the senior people there.

He’s not the only one. Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker also addressed the information, the Washington Post reports, suggesting that it’s a method America should be supporting.

This is what all of us have understood to be the situation from Day One. That’s why I think all of us encourage the good people around the president to stay.

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It’s not just senators speaking out, either. Others long associated with the GOP are responding, to confirm that this isn’t a surprise.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke this morning, according to Raw Story, to say that he’s been hearing this for a while. He said the bigger issue was how the president can now get this under control, and warned that hunting for leakers doesn’t usually go well.

Donald Trump tweeted Friday evening to declare this an attack by ‘the swamp,’and that he will prevail.


A more of his own administration comes forward to say that they’re working to keep Donald Trump in line, and more witnesses openly say they’ve heard the same thing throughout Trump’s presidency, his declaration of control may ring hollow.

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