Republican Senator: “They Can Kiss My A**” As Teachers & Unions Oppose School Reopen

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) said in an interview this week that he’s willing to have reasonable discussion with those who “in good faith” really believe that it’s not safe for schools to reopen. However, he believes that a lot “have no soul” and are using schools and schoolkids for political gain — and to those he says, “They can kiss my a**.”

teachers who don't want to go back can kiss John Kennedy's @$$
[Photo credit: DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images]

Senator Kennedy appeared on Sean Hnnity’s Fox News show Monday to discuss the risks of school reopening. He pointed out that schools in other countries have reopened safely (as HillReporter noted earlier this week, there are some important risk factors to consider) and said, without offering evidence, that schools staying closed is more dangerous. Kennedy did cite the uncomfortable truth that school is the most stable thing in the lives of some students.

However, Kennedy insisted that for many, there’s a glee in watching the chaos as over 100k Americans die of the coronavirus and many more are hospitalized. Maintaining that he’s only directing the harsher invective to these hypothetical folks, and not to anyone who is genuinely concerned, he wished “a pox on their houses” and said, “they can kiss my a**.”

Many of the people expressing concern are teachers. According to EdWeek, many don’t feel school can resume safely for staff and students, and they don’t feel that important questions are being answered. A survey of teachers, principals, and district leaders found 62% “somewhat” or “very” concerned about the safety of resuming on-campus classes. Many say the discomfort rises to the level of action:

“In May, nearly a quarter of respondents said they would leave their job if schools reopened without social distancing measures. Eleven percent said they would quit if schools reopened before widespread coronavirus testing is available. And 7 percent said they would leave their job if schools reopen before a coronavirus vaccine is available.”

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