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Republican Senator Sinks POTUS Nominee for 9th Circuit Court

Republican Senator Sinks POTUS Nominee for 9th Circuit Court

It’s rare these days to witness Republicans in Congress actually take actions against the wishes of President Trump. When it comes to Trump’s picks for court appointments, they are usually rubber-stamped by the majority party. Now, the GOP might be slightly shying away from its loyalty to the POTUS.

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Senate Republicans have denied the POTUS’ pick of Ryan Bounds for the ninth circuit court of appeals. The announcement of the denial was made by Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Objections to the nomination of Bounds first arrived from Democrats.  Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina then crossed party lines to voice concern about Ryan Bound’s nomination.  Scott’s concerns stem from writings by Bounds at Stanford University in which he made disparaging remarks about multiculturalism.

“I submit that the Multiculturalists, when they divide up by race for their feel-good ethnic hoedowns, engage in nearly all of [the fundamental behaviors of groupthink],” Bounds wrote in an editorial that focused on his opposition of “ethnic organizations.”

“The existence of ethnic organizations is no inevitable prerequisite to maintaining a diverse community— white students, after all, seem to be doing all right without an Aryan Student Union,” he added.

Bounds didn’t stop there, he also claimed the “burden of proof” needs to be higher in sexual assault cases and that expelling an alleged rapist does nothing to help the victim. “There is nothing really inherently wrong with the University failing to punish an alleged rapist — regardless his guilt — in the absence of adequate certainty; there is nothing that the University can do to objectively ensure that the rapist does not strike again,” Bounds wrote.

The New York Times reports that Sen. Scott, who is the only Black Republican in Congress, had a conversation with Bounds that left him unsatisfied. “After talking to the nominee last night and meeting with him today, I had unanswered questions that led me to be unable to support him,” Scott revealed.

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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has been eyed by Republicans for years. The court has been seen by the GOP as too liberal. The circuit court was responsible for stopping the POTUS from ending DACA and ruled against Trump’s travel ban. Trump has never been subtle when expressing his disdain for the west coast court.

The death of Judge Stephen Reinhardt has given the GOP and POTUS a chance to reshape the court by placing a conservative judge on the bench.

Reshaping the court is critical for Trump, especially if Democrats overtake the house and Senate this November. Trump will undoubtedly nominate another conservative judge who is likely to rule in the President’s favor when future cases are brought before the court.

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