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Republican Senator Contacted Law Enforcement After Eric Greitens’ Violent ‘RINO Hunting’ Ad Dropped

Republican Senator Contacted Law Enforcement After Eric Greitens’ Violent ‘RINO Hunting’ Ad Dropped

The violent rhetoric in Eric Greitens’ latest political ad isn’t even going over well with his own party. The ad, which shows Greitens and half a dozen men in military gear busting into what appears to be a private residence, toting rifles as they go “RINO hunting,” has now resulted in his own state’s Republican Senate leader contacting law enforcement.

[Screenshot via Eric Greitens/YouTube]

As reported yesterday, the ad, which would have been distasteful even in a political vacuum, dropped with particularly sickening timing, as Adam Kinzinger (who Trumpublicans have labeled a “RINO” or “Republican in name only” for his willingness to stand up to Donald Trump) shared a threatening letter sent to his wife, which promised the execution of Kinzinger and declared that his wife and infant son — mentioned by name — would join him in Hell.

However, according to the Kansas City Star, the ad had effects beyond turning stomachs and horrifying decent people. A Twitter account supporting Greitens, the owner of which has not been identified, responded to the ad, saying, “We’ve got our [RINO hunting] permit and we’re coming for you.” In it were tagged several Republicans in the state who the poster apparently deemed “RINOs,” including Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden and Governor Mike Parson.

Rowden said that he had contacted law enforcement about the now-deleted tweet, and addressed Greitens’ ad, saying that anyone already facing multiple allegations of violence — both domestic and child abuse — should probably be more careful about violent rhetoric.

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Twitter has added a notice to Greitens’ share of the ad, noting that it violates the site’s rules on abusive behavior but is being left up currently because it “may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

[Screenshot via Eric Greitens/Twitter]

Greitens has claimed that this disclaimed, along with Facebook’s ban of the ad for rule violations, are evidence of election tampering by “Big Tech,” tweeting a declaration that seems to echo much of what Donald Trump threatened against social media sites when they held him accountable for rule-breaking.

“Big Tech is once again meddling in our elections and putting their thumb on the scale.

When I’m U.S. Senator, I will fight against the disgusting tech oligarchs from stealing any more elections.”

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