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Republican politicians have been arrested for misconduct in bathrooms but trans people have not

Republican politicians have been arrested for misconduct in bathrooms but trans people have not

President Trump on Wednesday revoked various landmark protections that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender they identified with. The original rule was set forth by President Obama and was heralded as a major victory for LGBT civil rights.

President Obama announced last may that schools would be required to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity. If a school refused, it risked having federal funds revoked.

Republicans have long stuck to the claim that transgendered people would use the rule to enter public bathrooms and molest children of the opposite sex. It was that fearmongering that led to the now widely criticized “bathroom laws.”

As it turns out Dan Avery of NewNowNext pointed out in late March that far more Republican lawmakers have been arrested for lewd conduct in bathrooms than trans people.

For those of you keeping count at home.

Republicans – 3
Trans People – 0

“Obviously we need laws against senators using bathrooms, not trans people!” Avery writes.

Here are three WE KNOW OF.

Jon Hinson

Hinson, a Mississippi congressman, was arrested in 1981 after he was caught having oral sex with a government worker in a public bathroom. It wasn’t his first time being caught, in 1976 he was arrested for exposing himself to an undercover agent

Hinson eventually came out as an LGBT activist. He passed away from AIDS in 1995.

Larry Craig

Craig, an Idaho Republican senator, was arrested following an incident in a Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport bathroom in 2007. An undercover officer said he attempted to solicit him in a sexual transaction between bathroom stalls.

Craig denied his attempt to solicit sex in a public bathroom and plead guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. He later tried to withdraw his plea and ended up not running for another term in 2008.

Bob Allen

See Also

Florida state Representative Bob Allen was arrested for allegedly agreeing to pay $20 to perform a sex act an undercover cop in a public park.  African American men hanging around.

After resigning from office this winner said he was only in the bathroom to high from a “scary” group of African American men who were hanging out nearby.

Avery brought up a good point following this strange case. “It just goes to show that for Republican politicians, it’s better to be thought of as a racist than as wanting to suck another man’s d*ck.”

Despite The Evidence

Republicans continue to claim that individuals will call themselves trans in order to gain access to bathrooms of the opposite sex. They maintain this fact despite no evidence pointing to such cases in the past.

In 2014, Media Matters searched for cases to support Republican claims — no such incidents were reported anywhere in the United States.

Despite no evidence, Donald J. Trump continues to move forward with his attack on the LGBT community.

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