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The Republican Party’s 2020 Pitch to Voters: Trump, the Whole Trump, and Nothing but Donald Trump

The Republican Party’s 2020 Pitch to Voters: Trump, the Whole Trump, and Nothing but Donald Trump

As the Republican National Convention meets this week to renominate President Donald Trump for reelection, one historically standard item has been omitted from the party’s messaging – a policy-specific party platform.

In a resolution that would normally consist of a laundry list of legislative, foreign policy, and economic goals, the GOP’s sales pitch this election cycle is, basically, ‘whatever Trump wants, Trump gets.’

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The document begins by blaming the coronavirus pandemic for the GOP’s inability to offer anything of substance to voters except raw, unchecked Trumpism. There was no mention of the 177,000 American lives extinguished by COVID-19.

COVID-19 “has significantly scaled back the size and scope of the 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte due to strict restrictions on gatherings and meetings, and out of concern for the safety of convention attendees and our hosts,” the party wrote. “The RNC, had the Platform Committee been able to convene in 2020, would have undoubtedly unanimously agreed to reassert the Party’s strong support for President Donald Trump and his Administration.”

This stands in stark contrast to the 92-page itemized policy platform that was debuted at last week’s wildly popular Democratic National Convention. Former Vice President Joe Biden accepted his party’s nomination on Thursday.

The RNC, in the meantime, “will adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention,” the document states, “and that the 2020 Republican National Convention calls on the media to engage in accurate and unbiased reporting, especially as it relates to the strong support of the RNC for President Trump and his Administration.”

Consider the irony in the lineup of keynote speakers, half of whom are Trumps. In another unusual twist, Trump will deliver a speech on each night of the convention. Party nominees are typically given the spotlight on their convention’s closing night.

Taking things one step further, the GOP proclaimed that “any motion to amend the 2016 Platform or to adopt a new platform, including any motion to suspend the procedures that will allow doing so, will be ruled out of order.”

What is abundantly clear, however, is that the Republican Party has been almost entirely assimilated into the Trump Collective, and much of the resistance within the party has been futile. Should the GOP lose control of the Senate and White House in November, a significant possibility given the abysmal approval ratings of Trump and the party-at-large, the American political landscape will be redrawn for decades. The GOP is staking its very survival on Trump winning a second term.

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