Republican Numbers With Suburban Voters Are Horrible in This Right-Leaning Poll

The Democrats had a wave election in 2018 that was helped in a big way by female and suburban voters. While Liberals are hoping that trend continues in 2020, Republicans are more hopeful as Donald Trump will be at the top of the ticket.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The poll numbers, despite what Donald Trump has been saying, have been terrible for the GOP of late. A new poll from Echelon Insights, this one focused on suburban voters, had more bad news for Trump and Republicans.

Trump has pitched to voters that he deserves to be reelected on the strength of the economy. The Washington Examiner broke down the poll for readers. They note “suburban voters prefer Democrats over Republicans by 20 percentage points on healthcare, an issue they rank higher than the economy, and by more than 15 points on prescription drug pricing.”

The Examiner continues, “Forty-eight percent of suburban voters are ‘highly worried’ about losing current federal insurance protections for preexisting medical conditions. Trump has worked hard to counter Democratic claims that he would repeal this regulation, which was codified under Obamacare, a law the president is still vowing to undo.”

You can read more about Echelon Insight’s findings here.



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