Republican Murkowski Helps Pen Oped Recognizing Climate Change

For many years, conservatives have opposed multiple measures that would help the country combat climate change. The president himself, routinely mocks climate science, using his Twitter feed to make jokes about the weather.

Photo by Tracey Nearmy/Getty Images

Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski (R), is encouraging her fellow lawmakers to help tackle climate change. The Senator, along with West Virginia’s Joe Manchin (D), published an oped in the Washington Post this morning with some simple steps.

The piece begins with the line, “There is no question that climate change is real or that human activities are driving much of it.” Republican lawmakers like Marco Rubio have repeatedly questioned whether humans are responsible or not.

The duo also discuss the use of cleaner energy solutions and the impact they can have on the country. Murkowski writes:

“The impact of developing these new technologies will be felt by Americans from all walks of life, including residents of rural communities and other areas served by older technologies. Transitioning these communities to more efficient forms of energy will provide them with cleaner energy that is also more stable and has lower costs, which will bring about additional benefits.”

The senators teamed up to write the piece since their two states are among the most affected by climate change. The senators end by calling for a more bipartisan method to create new climate solutions. Manchin and Murkowski write, “If the United States is going to lead by example, we must continue to lead the world in the development of new and improved technologies.”

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