Republican Legislator Says Nashville Bomber Was “Homegrown Terrorist” And “We’ll Have To Address It”

Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) responded to the Nashville bombing with a firm assertion that this is a case of terrorism, and that it must be addressed.

Tim Burchett says Nashville bombing is terrorism
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Raw Story reported that Burchett was quickly hurried along from comments about terrorism by Fox News hosts, but not before he said that it would have to be addressed. Of course, that came at the end of a diatribe about not defunding police, and after a disclaimer that “due to most folks around here upbringing, we don’t see this kind of thing,” but a Republican legislator addressing the attack as terrorism was still a notable event.

Tweeting about his appearance, he again addressed the act as terrorism, and again framed it as an opportunity to attack the movement to defund bloated police budgets.

The FBI Special Agent in Charge, Douglas Korneski, responded to questions about the bombing this weekend, identifying the bomber as Anthony Warner, who died in the blast, and addressing the question of domestic terrorism.

He explained that in legal terms, ‘terrorism’ must be linked to an ideology, and that at this point investigators are still seeking answers about the motivation behind the attack, and are not ready to publicly label it as terrorism.

The blast, which occurred Christmas morning, was prefaced by noises and warnings to clear people out of the area, but still caused injuries to three victims, as well as causing harm and inconvenience in a ripple effect from damaged buildings to disruption of phone and internet services.

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