Republican Lawmakers Says Iran Situation is Obama’s Fault

While he isn’t President anymore, Barack Obama still looms large in the political world. This is especially true for Republicans who have worked hard to undermine the things Obama accomplished. The most notable attempt to do so was the failed repeal of Obamacare.

Embattled GOP candidate Ted Cruz

Obama is also blamed when things go wrong for the GOP. This attitude was on full display after Iran bombed US bases located in the Middle East. Both Texas senator Ted Cruz and Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger attempted to blame the 44th President for the situation.

Kinzinger is normally one of the more moderate members of the GOP. But he’s been fully on team Trump since the attack.

The Illinois lawmaker tweeted last night, “Back in the day we used to focus on our enemies who escalated till we finally responded. But now Speaker Pelosi sympathizes with Iranian talking points about “needless provocations.” I’d say 50,000 dead Syrian children and 600 dead Americans is provocative.”

Kinzinger also made an appearance on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning. He told the hosts, “This was wrong. You know, at the time when Americans are having missiles reigning down on them, we should actually rally around the flag. There is plenty of time for Politics.”

Ted Cruz said of the bombing, ” In a very real sense, the missiles that we saw fired on servicemen and women tonight were paid for buyer the billions that the Obama Administration flooded the Ayatollah with.”

When he was asked about the Texas senator’s statement, Kinzinger said he agreed 100%.


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