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Republican Lawmaker’s Family Apologizes For His Conduct In Office

Republican Lawmaker’s Family Apologizes For His Conduct In Office

Since January 6th, a lot of people have called out Republican lawmakers for their attitudes towards an attempted insurrection against the United States. They’ve minimized, deflected, and worked to avoid a full investigation. Now it seems their own families are calling them out too.

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Representative Paul Gosar’s (R-AZ) family is speaking out, saying that they apologize for Gosar’s behavior, after his recent vote not to award a Congressional Gold Medal to Capitol Police Officers involved in defending Congress from the insurrectionists. He was one of 21 Republicans who voted no on a measure to honor Capitol Police for their work in protecting Congress that day.

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As CNN reports,Gosar used the Tuesday hearing, which was for a House committee to further investigate the facts of the insurrection, as an opportunity to promote his own narrative of the insurrection, particularly the death of Ashli Babbit, who was shot as she attempted to enter the Speaker’s Lobby, just outside the Chambers where Congress members were fleeing for their lives, through a broken window.

Gosar described the incident as an ‘execution’ of Babbit, claiming that the officer who shot her was “hiding, lying in wait” and complained that she wasn’t given a warning before the shot was fired. (At this point, the Department of Justice notes, officers had used furniture to build a barricade against the invasion, and three officers who had positioned themselves between the mob and the doors had been forced to evacuate.)

Gosar’s brother, in the clip above, issues an apology on behalf of his family, for the legislator’s behavior and comments.

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