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Republican Lawmaker Refers to Family Separation Hearing as “Dehumanizing”

Republican Lawmaker Refers to Family Separation Hearing as “Dehumanizing”

The last time political watchers saw Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), he was questioning former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Collins’ aggressive treatment of Mueller earned him plaudits from the President who tweeted out portions of the lawmaker’s period of questioning.

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Collins was in a different hearing today, this one concerning the President and his family separation policy. The Georgia Congressman was quick to voice his displeasure about the Oversight hearing, referring to is as “dehumanizing.”

The lawmaker made a show of his remarks by first throwing away what he said were prepared remarks. He then told the committee, “Look, I’m going to stop. I’m not going to read this.”

Collins continued, “You know what is dehumanizing? Is continuing to bring the same witnesses, the same people from the same agency, to talk about this over and over and over again. What’s dehumanizing is doing that and not doing anything about it. That’s what’s dehumanizing.”

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The Georgia Congressman laid into Democrats claiming they had not passed any bills to solve the issue. “What is dehumanizing is this hearing, where we’re going to talk about it again, and people come, and the folks in this audience, I’m glad you’re here,” said Collins.

The lawmaker ended his opening words by blasting the people in his own party. According to Collins, “And even under us, even under the previous Congress, I’ll go ahead and say it before anybody else does. Republicans didn’t do anything. Because it was something that would pass, but didn’t have everything else political in there.”

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