Republican Former Legislator Suggests Men Should Be Prioritized For Vaccine Access

Steve King, who, until January, was the Republican Representative for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, tested the bounds of misogyny Tuesday, tweeting, the day after International Women’s Day, to suggest that when prioritizing populations for COVID-19 vaccine access, age shouldn’t be the only demographic taken into account. Men, he indicates, should also have access before women.

While each state has rolled out its own guidelines for who is currently getting access to the vaccines, the first wave was focused on people over age 65 and healthcare workers — groups considered particularly at risk. Citing numbers from the American Council on Science & Health that show men are at higher risk of death from the virus than are women, King asked why men aren’t being pushed to the head of the line, too.

(Screenshot appended below in case of deletion.)

The numbers, incidentally, do show that men are more likely to die from the virus than women, but compare the risk increase to that of age. According to the linked chart, a 65-69-year-old man is about 85 times as likely to die of a COVID-19 infection as a 25-29-year-old man — and only about twice as likely as a woman his own age. That’s a big difference in disparity. While the sex gap is statistically relevant, it’s a far cry from the age gap.

King, however, has never been afraid to say the quiet parts out loud — his ouster from Congress began when he was removed from committees after publicly complaining about white supremacy becoming stigmatized and socially unacceptable.

[Screenshot via Steve King/Twitter]

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