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Republican Congressional Intern Quits After GOP Lawmaker Compares Vaccine Passports to the Holocaust

Republican Congressional Intern Quits After GOP Lawmaker Compares Vaccine Passports to the Holocaust

A conservative Capitol Hill intern quit in protest on Thursday after his boss, Republican Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky, tweeted and then deleted an antisemitic meme that displayed an Auschwitz arm tattoo emblazoned with oversized text equating it to vaccine passports.

Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

“The tweet that Congressman Massie posted last night, in which he compared vaccine passports to the Holocaust, was insensitive to not only survivors of the Holocaust, but the millions who perished as a result. The anti-semitic nature of the post is beyond apology, and as a result, I cannot in good conscience continue at my current position,” Andrew Zirkle, who self-identifies as a “Liberty Republican,” wrote in his resignation letter. “I truly do appreciate the opportunity to work here and I wish you and the rest of the staff well.”

In a subsequent Twitter thread, Zirkle blasted Massie for “belittling the Holocaust” and expressed that he had reached his “limit” of this offensive nonsense, which has been tossed around like confetti by right-wing lawmakers and propaganda peddlers.

“I quit. I wanted to let everyone who knows me personally to know that as soon as I got into work this morning, I resigned my position in the Office of Congressman Thomas Massie because of his tweet comparing the horrors of the Holocaust to vaccine passports,” Zirkle said.

These sorts of statements and comparisons are highly inappropriate and are not something I want to associate with personally or professionally. Belittling the Holocaust in this way is an affront to the Jewish community as well as any survivors or family of those who perished,” Zirkle added. “Everyone has personal limits of what is intolerable and this is one of mine. I hope to take what experience I gained from DC and move on stronger to the next challenge.”

Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Colmon Elridge also condemned Massie’s insensitive post as well the cowardice that its deletion from Twitter limned.

“Denigrating the victims and survivors of the Holocaust just to score cheap political points is ignorant, shameful, and has no place in our politics or American society. Trying to quietly delete his tweet without apologizing for his ignorant and offensive behavior? That’s rock bottom pathetic,” he said.

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