Republican Candidate’s Daughter: “For The Love Of God Do Not Vote For My Dad”

A Michigan state representative candidate is facing a setback after his daughter tweeted to tell potential constituents not to support him. “I don’t feel safe sharing further information regarding his beliefs,” she wrote, “but please look him up.” Her father, Robert Regan, responded by blaming her college education for her disagreement with his beliefs.

For the love of God, don't vote for my dad. Michigan GOP
WARREN, MI – MARCH 10: Voting stickers lay on the table at the Fitzgerald Recreation Center on March 10, 2020 in Warren, Michigan. Michigan is one of six states voting in the Democratic presidential primary today. (Photo by Elaine Cromie/Getty Images)

When Stephanie Regan tweeted to beg the people of Michigan not to support her father’s bid for political office, she quickly drew attention from voters who wanted to know exactly who she was talking about, and why they shuoldn’t vote for him. She responded, naming and shaming. She said she didn’t feel safe to describe his beliefs, but urged voters to do a little research.

According to Political Tribune, Robert Regan responded on Facebook and in interviews, saying that he was proud that his daughter felt comfortable airing her views — though he didn’t address why she might be afraid to go into further detail about him. He blamed her college education, and said that he and his daughter disagree on the existence of systemic racism, before expounding upon the discrimination he believes he’s faced for being wealthy and white.

“You know, as a quote-unquote rich, white, Christian male, people look at me a certain way. And it’s not always good. So, everybody has obstacles to overcome.”

Robert Regan’s tweets on his official campaign account include accusing President Barack Obama and Vice Preident Joe Biden of criminal activity, complaining about COVID-19 safety measures, and supporting first responders in refusing medical care to protestors.

Regan’s primary election is on August 4th, and he has two opponents for the Republican nomination.

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