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Republican and Former Senior Counsel to Kenneth Starr will Vote Democrat for the First Time Ever

Republican and Former Senior Counsel to Kenneth Starr will Vote Democrat for the First Time Ever

A Republican attorney who has never voted Democrat will do so for the first time in his life this fall. Paul Rosenzweig has not only been a lifelong Republican but also served as senior counsel to Kenneth Starr during the Whitewater investigation.

Rosenzweig told CNN on Monday that President Trump was the reason for his decision to vote for Democrats. He was also appalled by the recently released recording of Republican Devin Nunes admitting that his goal was to protect President Trump from oversight. “ It’s the abdication of responsibility,” Rosenzweig began.

Rosenzweig continued, “ The Republican Party seems to me to no longer deserve my support, or frankly the support of anybody who thinks that the legislative branch should act as a check and balance against executive authoritarianism. Essentially Rep. Nunes has said aloud what everybody is assuming, which is that his only goal-and apparently the only goal of the party-is to defend the President no matter what.”

Rosenzweig’s turn to the blue side is very interesting when you look at his resume. As previously mentioned, the lifelong Republican was the senior counsel to Kenneth Starr during the Whitewater investigation into Bill Clinton. The investigation alleged that Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in the defrauding of a savings and loan association by their business partner Jim McDougal. Though the Clinton’s involvement is still debated to this day, Starr, Rosenzweig, and many other conservatives were certain of Bill and Hillary’s guilt. And Rosenzweig is far from the first Republican to leave the GOP over Trump.

After being fired as FBI Director, Longtime Republican, James Comey urged Americans to vote Democrat back in July. Former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt who once served as campaign manager to Sen. John McCain also left the party over Trump’s child separation policy.

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George Will who was a staunch conservative pundit not only left the Republican Party but argued that the number of GOP members in Congress should be reduced.

The exodus of prominent Republicans from the GOP is coming at the worst time possible for the party. The 2018 midterms will be held on November 6 and if lifelong Republican voters follow the lead of Rosenzweig, Will, and Schmidt, the GOP could be in big trouble.

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