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Reports Say Donald Trump Wanted To Bomb Mexico — Now His Son Is Defending The Plan

Reports Say Donald Trump Wanted To Bomb Mexico — Now His Son Is Defending The Plan

A new book reports that Donald Trump asked his defense secretary if the United States could bomb Mexico and then pretend innocence. Now his son, one of his most loyal sycophants, is defending the idea.

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One of the greatest powers the Trump Party exercises is that of semantics, gaslighting the public by reframing things in terms as innocuous as they are inaccurate. For instance, they’ve boiled blatant bigotry and potential incitement to violence down to the phrase “mean tweets,” and keep insisting that an armed attempt to overturn the government, for which there have now been multiple guilty pleas to the crime of seditious conspiracy, was just “legitimate protest.”

Now, nobody said Don Jr. had his daddy’s skill at this method. Still, you can see him making the effort in this tweet, where he muses that his dad just wanted (possibly) to “target Mexican drug cartel manufacturing facilities.”

“Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” he queries?

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Well, the ‘targeting’ in question was in the form of missiles, and the question itself showcases a complete lack of understanding of everything from military to foreign policy, and that’s without touching on the humanitarian cost or the potential for backlash, so….yes?

According to reporting by the New York Times on an early excerpt obtained of a new book by former defense secretary Mark Esper, that’s exactly what the former president asked if he could do: fire missiles into the neighboring country, targeting powerful drug cartels, accepting loss of innocent lives as collateral damage, then essentially shrugging and pretending ignorance afterwards.

That’s not all Esper describes — the book reportedly details the concerns Esper had about Trump potentially using the military to try to seize ballot boxes or otherwise subvert the election. He’s being roundly criticized as yet another member of the Trump Administration who knew how bad things were, and waited to write a book about it instead of telling the American people at the time.

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