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Reporter April Ryan Lays Out the Case for Donald Trump To Be Charged With War Crimes

Reporter April Ryan Lays Out the Case for Donald Trump To Be Charged With War Crimes

Donald Trump has a very big problem with women who are willing to challenge him. Never is this more obvious than when he is holding a press conference. And the president seems to be put even more off balance if the woman asking the question isn’t white.

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Trump has had notable run-ins with Yamiche Alcindor, Abby Phillip and Weijia Jiang. But some of his earliest battles were with April Ryan, who works for American Urban Radio Networks. This weekend Ryan laid out a case for charging Donald Trump with war crimes.

Ryan tweeted on Saturday afternoon, “I’ve been saying it since March and will always say it, Donald Trump has blood on his hands for the deaths of the 253K+ Americans that are dead because he ignored and politicized this virus. He went from being the Spreader-in-Chief to the Murderer-in-Chief.”

The reporter, of course, has a history with the president. After she asked him a tough question during a 2018 presser, he instructed her to “sit down.”

Ryan said of the moment:

“You know what that question was… it was voter suppression and he responded and he responded yea I got voter suppression or something like that and so I stood up I thought he was receiving my question and wanted to talk about it, and then when he sees me, he says ‘sit down’ you know, in a very terse tone. I was taken aback. It was a real question about a real issue that Americans were dealing with just the day before. If I don’t ask a lot of those questions then they will not be asked.”

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