Report: Yankees Never Invited Trump to Throw Out First Pitch on August 15th

Donald Trump is the first president since William Howard Taft who hasn’t thrown out the first pitch at an MLB game. Days ago, the President triumphantly announced that would be changing. Trump tweeted that he would be throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium on August 15th.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images 

A few days later, however, Trump said he would have to postpone the ceremony because he was busy with Covid-19. According to a report from the New York Times, the President was never invited to appear at the stadium on that day in the first place.

The President had a standing offer from Yankees’ President Randy Levine to throw out a first pitch. Levine has served under both Ronald Reagan and Rudy Giuliani.

Trump referenced this offer last Thursday, telling reporters, “Randy Levine is a great friend of mine from the Yankees. And he asked me to throw out the first pitch, and I think I’m doing that on Aug. 15 at Yankee Stadium.”

When Trump made his announcement, however, he had not consulted with the Yankees on the date. Things have obviously changed with teams now playing to empty stadiums due to the coronavirus.

Last week, the Washington Nationals invited Dr. Anthony Fauci to throw out the first pitch at a game against New York. The Times reports that Trump was upset about this and told his aides to take Levine up on his long-standing offer to appear at Yankee Stadium.

No plans have been finalized for Trump to appear at the stadium later in the season.

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