Report: When Donald and Melania Trump eat at Mar-a-Lago, They are Roped-Off “Like Zoo Animals”

When their terms are over, many presidents love to take the opportunity to have more time with their families. It’s rare to hear them opine on political matters, especially in their first year out of office.

Melania has a body double
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
Donald Trump, of course, is far from a typical ex-president. Rather than living in privacy, he lives in his golf club, surrounded by sycophants. And he opines on political matters on a near daily basis.

And while he loves the adoration of his fans, he also wants to keep his distance from them. According to a new book, Trump does eat dinner surrounded by supporters, but he is also roped off from them.

In his new book, Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, Michael Wolff writes, “[Donald and Melania are] looked at, somewhat, like zoo animals. No, no, that’s not right. They are like a newly married couple: every night is a wedding at which they spend their dinner greeting friends and wellwishers.”

Wolff also gives answers on Melania. Since Trump has been out of office, very little has been heard about the former first lady. The author follows, “She’s not a presence at Mar-a-Lago at all. She’s not mingling with people and rarely interacts with her husband’s staff.” Wolff continues, “For four years in the White House, it was never quite clear how much time she was spending at the White House or in a house in Maryland where she had settled her parents. Aides were careful not to closely inquire or openly wonder. Here too, in Mar-a-Lago, it was unclear.”


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