Report: Trump Won’t Push Vaccine Because He Thinks it Will Upset His Base and Help Joe Biden

With their careless behavior over the last year, a number of GOP lawmakers contracted COVID-19. And people like Rand Paul and Ron Johnson say that, because of this, they will not get vaccinated.

Donald Trump says we should imagine if COVID was so bad when he was president.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty ImagesDonald Trump also contracted the illness. Once the vaccine was developed, though, he was first in line to get it. And he would very much like to get credit for the rapid development of the vaccine.

At the same time, the 45th president has made little effort to convince his supporters to get vaxxed. According to the Daily Beast, he is resistant because he thinks it will upset his supporters and help Joe Biden.

Asawin Suebsaeng and Adam Rawnsley write:

“According to two of the sources who have spoken to Trump about this, he has occasionally referenced polling and other indicators—such as what he’s seen on TV—that show how the vaccines are unpopular with many of his supporters. This has left the impression with some of those close to Trump that he doesn’t want to push too hard on the subject, so as to not ‘piss off his base.'”

It has also been suggested to Trump that he do a spot with Joe Biden. The report continues, “Some have suggested teaming up with the Bidens, while others have told the former president that it would be an awful idea, both on pragmatic and political levels.”

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