REPORT: Trump Wonders How He Was “the Only One Who Lost” After Big GOP Wins on Election Day

Donald Trump is a strange mix of tremendous insecurity and unshakable confidence. And it is that confidence that has enabled him to build skyscrapers and casinos and even run for presidency. But it is also that confidence that prevents him from seeing the truth.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

For the last 3 weeks, the president has had trouble coming to grips with the fact that he’s lost to Joe Biden. As his voting lawsuits continue to fail, he has blamed his legal team rather than the weakness of his case. And according to a new report from Politico’s Tim Alberta, he doesn’t understand how he lost an election in a year that was favorable to Republicans.

Outside of Trump’s presidential loss, the GOP had a successful election day. Susan Collins and Thom Tillis held onto their senate seats despite being underdogs. Republicans also won nearly every toss-up seat in the house.

Trump recently called in Michigan lawmakers Mike Shirkey and Lee Chatfield to the White House. Aberta reports:

“The president asked them about allegations of fraud, and the legislators told him about various probes they had authorized to look into reports of irregularities. But Trump, perhaps sensing the nervous reticence of his guests, did not make the ask they feared. As the meeting went on, it became apparent to some people in the room that more than anything, Trump had called his Michigan allies to Washington to get an honest assessment of what had happened there. He wanted to know if there was any pathway to victory. They told him there was not.”

A despondent Trump then reportedly lamented, “I don’t get it. All these other Republicans, all over the country, they all win their races. And I’m the only guy that loses?”

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