Report: Trump White House Could Reopen Obamacare Enrollment

There have been many people and programs on Donald Trump’s hit-list since he became President of the United States. He wanted to prevent people coming into America from certain countries. He also fired a number of people who had worked under the previous administration.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – NOVEMBER 02: Former U.S. President Barack Obama speaks during a rally to support Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum (L) and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) at the Ice Palace film studios on November 02, 2018 in Miami, Florida. Senator Nelson (D-FL) and candidate Andrew Gillum are in tight races against their Republican opponents. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

But most of all Trump wanted to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. While John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski prevented him from doing so, the White House has done everything they could to halt the program. With the Coronavirus sweeping the country, though, the White House has signaled that they may be looking to reopen enrollment.

According to Politico’s Mohana Ravindranath, “The Trump administration is considering whether to create a special enrollment period for Obamacare coverage because of the coronavirus emergency, a CMS spokesperson confirmed.”

The report notes, “A number of Democratic-leaning states that run their own health insurance marketplaces have recently reopened enrollment, encouraging uninsured residents to get covered amid the pandemic. Most states, however, use the federal marketplace overseen by the Trump administration, HealthCare.gov.”

The piece also notes that reopening the marketplace would be supported by the major insurance lobbies. Ravindranath continues, “Some insurers feared getting saddled with huge costs if many coronavirus patients signed up for coverage.”

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