Report: Trump Was Supposed to Campaign For Loeffler/Perdue This Weekend, But Cancelled Because He’s Angry and Sad

It has been unclear, the last few weeks, whether Donald Trump thinks he really had a chance at winning the election. He lost, obviously, but in his bubble, many advisers and lawyers were telling him that there was a chance the results could be overturned.


As it’s become more apparent that he won’t continue being president, Trump has made few public appearances and has mostly lashed out on Twitter. He has also shown little interest in supporting the Republican party. According to a story from the New York Times, Trump was supposed to campaign for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler this weekend, but was too upset to do so.

Shane Goldmacher reports, “Those who have spoken with Mr. Trump say he appears shrunken, and over his job; this detachment is reflected in a Twitter feed that remains stubbornly more focused on unfounded allegations of fraud than on the death toll from the raging pandemic.”

Goldmacher continued, “Mr. Trump had been tentatively planning to go to Georgia on Saturday, according to a senior Republican official, to support the two Republicans in Senate runoff races there. But he is still angry at the state’s Republican governor and secretary of state for accepting the election result, and simply doesn’t want to make the trip. There is some discussion about him going after the Christmas holiday, but it’s not clear he will be in a more magnanimous mood by then.”

The report was also backed up by Times reporter and former Trump-whisperer Maggie Haberman. Haberman tweeted, “Also here – the president was tentatively planning a second GA trip this Saturday. But he’s angry at Kemp, Raffensperger, doesn’t feel like going. So he isn’t.”

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