Report: Trump Told Lindsey Graham He Had to Use Giuliani Because No Sane Lawyer Would Represent Him and He Didn’t Have to Pay

Rudy Giuliani has not served Donald Trump well. His foray into Ukraine resulted in the 45th president being impeached for the first time. And Giuliani’s attempts to overturn the election for Trump resulted in humiliation after humiliation.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]
Still, Trump stayed bizarrely loyal to the former New York City mayor despite his constant mistakes. A conversation between the former president and Lindsey Graham might explain why. According to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Trump felt he had no choice.

Woodward and Costa outline the conversation in their new book Peril. Graham was not impressed with Trump’s team of election lawyers, saying, “They were just beyond bizarre. And I think it took a lot of the air out of the balloon that the challenges are so unfocused, haphazard and conspirational.”

Trump reportedly responded, “He’s crazy. He says crazy sh*t. I get it. But none of the sane lawyers can represent me because they’ve been pressured. The actual lawyers have been told they cannot represent my campaign.”

Of course, unbeknownst to Rudy, the former president never actually planned on paying him for his services. Trump continued, “Rudy would fight. He could be counted on to fight even when others wouldn’t. And, too, he would work for free.”


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