Report: Trump to Give a Speech on Race and Stephen Miller Will Write It

With the incredible rate of departures from within his administration, there is always room to move up in Donald Trump’s White House. And one of the biggest “success stories” is the rise of 34 year-old adviser Stephen Miller.

Stephen Miller
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

While he is one of the more controversial people in the President’s orbit, Miller re has the ability to influence policy. There have been repeated calls for Trump to make a speech on race relations. It’s being reported that the President will make that speech and that it will be written by Miller.

Reporter and frequent Trump sparring partner April Ryan tweeted on Tuesday, “Stephen Miller, who crafted Donald Trump’s immigration policy at the southern border, including separating families and caging children, is preparing a White House speech on race relations.”

It has long been alleged that Miller has white nationalist beliefs. In November of 2019, a trove of emails from Miller were leaked. The messages featured Miller promoting articles form white supremacist websites like VDARE and AmRen.

Following the leak, a number of prominent Democrats called for him to resign or be fired. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez created a position which read, “Stephen Miller has repeatedly peddled white nationalist conspiracy theories, pitched nativist stories to Breitbart reporters, and worked together with right-wing leaders like Richard Spencer. This man cannot serve in the White House. Sign your name to demand his resignation immediately.”

Bernie Sanders also bashed the Trump adviser, tweeting, “Stephen Miller’s white nationalist views are a danger to the American people. We are going to defeat this hateful administration and everything it stands for.”


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