Report: Trump's Lawyers Are Testing Different Devices to Keep Him Awake

While he often talks about Joe Biden's age, Donald Trump will be 78 in two months. Thanks to his age and physical condition, Trump has had trouble keeping awake during his trial, which has embarrassed him and his lawyers. 

Trump's lawyers are certainly aware of the issue and are trying to do something about it. According to MSNBC reporter Lisa Rubin, they are trying different methods to keep their client awake. 

Chris Jansing asked the reporter on Tuesday, "Really quickly if I can. Lisa, your observations on Donald Trump today."

"Sleeping, Rubin responded. I guess they have tried a number of different devices. Yeah, sleeping for a lot of it. I would say they’ve tried a number of different devices to keep Trump awake."

The legal reporter continued:

"Partially in response, or what appears to be in response to collective press corps observations. So, for example, when there are sidebars, an attorney doesn’t leave his side anymore because leaving him alone means leaving him to potentially sleep.

He has a stack of papers with him at all times now to go through, but neither of those things seem to have protected Trump from his own exhaustion today.

More than, you know, more than not, when I looked up to see how Trump was receiving the testimony, Trump was not receiving it at all because his eyes were closed."