Report: Trump is Planning Retribution for GOP Lawmakers Who Jump Ship

Donald Trump is in deep, deep electoral trouble. The current polling average on 538.com shows him down by an average of more than 10% points. Of course, polls aren’t always a perfect indicator of what may happen, but Joe Biden is certainly in strong position.

Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

There are Republican lawmakers who want to have a political career after Trump is out of the White House. With the president’s dwindling numbers, some of these politicians have started to speak out against him. According to the Daily Beast, Trump is planning retribution on those who have spoken out or those who may do so in the future.

A source told Asawin Suebsaeng and Sam Stein, “[The president] said something to the effect of: If you’re backing away from him now, don’t bother coming back for a favor when he wins. He made a comment about how there are some people out there who you can only count on when things are going your way.”

The report also paints this coming defection as Trump’s fault. Suebsaeng and Stein continue, “Among Republican operatives, there has been an expectation that Trump’s polling deficit with Biden would close as the election neared. That tightening has not happened as quickly as they’d hoped, and among the explanations for it are the president’s combustible debate performance, his personal infection with a virus he has downplayed, and the fact that he’s been outspent on the airwaves.”

Ben Sasse became one of the first GOP lawmakers to have anti-Trump comments selectively leaked this week. Sasse is in a safe state and has a long political future ahead of him. He’s a good example of the kind of GOP lawmakers who could speak out in the coming weeks.


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