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Report: Trump Has Been Whining About His Blog’s Failure, Increasing Online Irrelevance

Report: Trump Has Been Whining About His Blog’s Failure, Increasing Online Irrelevance

Following the January 6th insurrection, Donald Trump was banned from most popular social media sites. There were Conservative alternatives, of course, but they are much smaller platforms than Twitter or Facebook.

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So Trump decided to create his own site, From the Desk of Donald Trump. The page has been mocked as a glorified blog that doesn’t allow users to react to the posts or interact with other users. And according to the Washington Post, Trump is upset about what a failure his new venture has been.

Drew Harwell and Josh Dawsey write:

“Trump, who has long boasted about his ability to draw an audience online and dominate the conversation, has complained that his statements are getting nowhere near as much as attention as they once did, people in his orbit have said. They say Trump is increasingly resigned to his banishment from Facebook, a penalty enacted after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and reaffirmed this month, and he’s uninterested in joining many of the conservative-friendly online alternatives that have sought to win his endorsement.”

The article also notes that the site was created by disgraced former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale. And critics are blaming Parscale for the crude nature of the website.

Parscale defended himself to the Post, saying, “These comments came from the same people who have never done anything for Trump but talk. My company spent the last six years building products that helped the president spread his message around the world. And we happily continue to do so. The website is built exactly as we pitched it.”

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