Report: Trump Called Former Press Secretary Grisham “Weak and Worthless” Because She Didn’t Evict CNN Reporter From Briefings

Donald Trump had 4 Press Secretaries during his time in office. The least memorable of these Press Secretaries was Stephanie Grisham who never held one briefing during her time in the position.

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That doesn’t mean that she didn’t face troubles in her position. According to a new excerpt from Jon Karl’s upcoming book, Trump once blasted Grisham as “weak and worthless” after she told him she couldn’t evict CNN’s Kaitlin Collins from White House press briefings.

Politico reports:

Another anecdote aboutformer White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham is surprising given her seeming resentment of reporters and the fact that she never once held an on-camera press briefing. According to Karl, Grisham defied Trump’s orders to remove CNN’s Kaitlin Collins from a Covid-19 briefing room where Pence was speaking to reporters. ‘Go down there and get her out of there,’ Trump told Grisham, finding her in her office. ‘Mr. President, I really cannot do that,’ Grisham told Trump to his face mid-briefing, to which the president responded: ‘That’s because you are weak! You are worthless!”

Collins seemed to verify the story in a tweet she sent out on Tuesday. The CNN reporter shared the Politico article and simply wrote, “Thanks for the memories.”


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