Report: Trump and Pence Once Got in a Shouting Match Where They Threw Things at Each Other

Donald Trump has trouble keeping his emotions in check when he is out in public or online. So one can only imagine how bad it gets when he’s behind closed doors.

[Photo by Chris Carlson-Pool/Getty Images]
The tantrum throwing president has a history of being short and rude with his subordinates. But according to a new book, he got more than he bargained for when he began throwing things at Mike Pence.

In his new book, Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, Michael Bender writes about a tiff between the two men. According to the Wall St. Journal scribe, Trump was angry that Pence had hired Corey Lewandowski.

Bender writes, “Mr. Trump was holding a newspaper article about the hiring and said it made him look weak, like his team was abandoning him as he was probed for his campaign’s role in Russian election meddling. He crumpled the article and threw it at his vice president. So disloyal.”

The piece continues, “Mr. Pence lost it. Mr. Pence picked up the article and threw it back at Mr. Trump. He leaned toward the president and pointed a finger a few inches from his chest. ‘We walked you through every detail of this. We did this for you — as a favor. And this is how you respond? You need to get your facts straight.'”

The relationship between the two men only got worse over time, culminating in Trump supporters storming the US Capitol with some chanting, “hang Mike Pence.”

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