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REPORT: Trump Adviser Jason Miller Lied To Court To Get Out Of Paying Child Support

REPORT: Trump Adviser Jason Miller Lied To Court To Get Out Of Paying Child Support

Donald Trump senior adviser Jason Miller said in a sworn statement in 2019 that he had resigned from the Washington, D.C.-based political strategy firm Teneo, had no income and no longer could afford to pay court-ordered child support for his then-one-year-old son. It turns out that may not be exactly true.

An investigation by The Guardian has revealed that Miller had secretly struck a deal to rejoin the consulting firm for which he had been a managing director at his same base salary of $500,000 and received a $90,000 bonus. What’s more, Miller served as an adviser to Trump’s reelection campaign, reportedly is being paid $20,000 a month to appear on a Steve Bannon podcast and recently was announced as a paid contributor to the conservative outlet Newsmax. He also appeared on behalf of Trump at his second impeachment trial.

The political operative also regularly appears on Fox News programs whenever the network is looking for snide, mean commentary about President Joe Biden coupled with adulation for the twice-impeached, one-term president. But according to the child’s mother, former Republican operative A.J. Delgado, Miller claims he still doesn’t have the money to pay child support, nor can he afford to travel to Florida for court hearings in their long-running civil case.

Prior to re-enlisting on the Trump campaign, Miller worked as a consultant and, for about six weeks in the spring of 2020, a lobbyist, reporting monthly incomes ranging between $27,000 and $99,000.

During that time Miller, who is married, paid Delgado as little as $500 a month, one-sixth of what the court had demanded. That sum of $500 is the minimum monthly amount required by the state for a parent who makes $2,300 a month. Miller spends $2,300 a month just on expenses related to his cars, according to a financial affidavit filed in August, which states that he made more than $600,000 in 2019.

In a statement to The Guardian Miller said: “When my employee/employer relationship with Teneo was severed, I faced the loss of … income due to lost bonuses and benefits. This financial setback greatly reduced my income.”

He also denied he had misled the Florida court or ever attempted to shirk his responsibilities to take care of his son: “I take my parental responsibilities seriously.” He further asserted that he had paid “over $100,000 in total temporary child support, which supports the entire household, even though I am not required to support his mother.”

Delgado has the receipts.

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