Report: The Trump Admin Says It Won’t Return All Separated Children, ACLU Vows to Fight

Since the Trump Administration began their child separation policy, the plan has been marred with both controversy and mismanagement. In Mid-Januay, the HHS Department revealed that there were thousands more children separated than originally thought.


The bombshell report highlighted the lack of thoroughness and planning put into the project. The program lacked a basic tracking system and now the administration is encountering difficulty in returning the children to their parents.

The ACLU tweeted late last night, “Tonight the Trump administration filed documents that don’t dispute the recent report that there may have been thousands more separated kids. They’re arguing it would take too long to figure out where those kids are because they have no tracking system.”

In June of 2018, the Trump Administration said that they would not be able to return all of the children they separated. They were rebuked when, “U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw ordered the government to reunite nearly all children under age 5 with their parents within 14 days and older children within 30 days.” The White House failed to meet the deadline.

Now it looks like the problem is even worse than initially anticipated. The ACLU has vowed to fight back. The organization wrote, “This response is a shocking concession that the government can’t easily find thousands of children it ripped from parents, and doesn’t even think it’s worth the time to locate each of them. We will be back in court on February 21.”

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