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Report: The Secret Service May Not Be Able to Protect Trump if He’s Thrown in Jail

Report: The Secret Service May Not Be Able to Protect Trump if He’s Thrown in Jail

Even after they finish their terms, the Secret Service continues to keep a close eye on former presidents. There are plenty of rules. For example, ex-presidents can never drive a car again. Also, they don’t receive mail at their homes, it is sent off-site to be checked first.

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There are some things, though, that the Secret Service isn’t prepared for. Like what happens if a former president is thrown in jail. That’s a new question the agency will have to figure out if Donald Trump is eventually jailed over the numerous issues he’s being investigated for.

The Huffington Post’s S.V. Date recently did a deep dive into the possibility. “This would be unprecedented,” Secret Service expert Jeffrey Robinson said. “It’s going to present some very interesting circumstances.”

There was also the question of whether or not Trump would waive his detail if imprisoned. A person close to the former president said, “He would probably double up. It would be an interesting situation.”

Interestingly enough, the decision may be Joe Biden’s to make. Lawyer Bradley Moss explained, “There is no precedent for this, so no one knows for certain the answer, and arguably President Biden gets final say over the extent of any USSS protection for his predecessor. That said, it is likely former President Trump would maintain protection even if convicted and incarcerated due to his special status.”

You can read Date’s full report here 

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