Report: Sean Hannity Privately Tells Friends That Trump is Batsh*t Crazy

Sean Hannity has been good to Donald Trump. The prime-time Fox News anchor strongly supports the president on basically every issue to his nearly 5 million viewers. Hannity regularly has Trump’s truest surrogates appear on his program to protect the Commander in Chief.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Donald Trump has also been very good to Sean Hannity. The President always stays on top of the news cycle and gives the host something to talk about each night. As a result, Hannity’s Fox show leads the news ratings basically every cycle.

But that doesn’t mean that Hannity doesn’t think that something is off with the President and his actions. In his new book, CNN reporter Brian Stelter claims that Hannity will admit to something being off about Trump when speaking privately with friends.

In the upcoming tome, called Hoax, Stelter says a friend of Fox host told him, “Hannity has said to me more than once, ‘he’s crazy.'”

The book also claims that Hannity has started vaping due and gaining weight due to the stress of dealing with Trump on a regular basis. A colleague told the author that Hannity has said, “If you were hearing what I’m hearing, you’d be vaping too.”

Stelter and Hannity have a rocky history together. Back in 2016, Hannity called the CNN reporter a “little pipsqueak,” and said Stelter was, “arguably the most biased offender toward President-elect Trump.”


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