Report Says Republican Party Will Suffer For Trump’s COVID-19 Response For Years

POLITICO has published a report that points out the price that the Republican party will pay for the mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic by President Donald Trump. Since the virus has come to the shores of the U.S. it has killed over 140,000 people and the numbers are expected to keep rising. Many point out that Trump has never fully embraced the seriousness of the virus and only recently voiced support for masks as protection against the virus.

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 Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is ahead of Trump by 11 points with demographics like suburban voters who went for Trump in 2016. The report also highlights the fact that Hillary Clinton was defeated lost to Trump by four points and It looks like it will be an even more uphill battle this year as the pandemic is proving to be an obstacle for Trump. The response to the Black Lives Matter protest is also creating problems for Trump’s reelection hopes by causing college-educated women to turn away from Trump.

The report says,  “That polling reflects a dramatic swing from 2016 when Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the suburbs by 4 percentage points. Trump’s erosion in the suburbs is a major reason the electoral map this year has expanded for Democrats in recent weeks — with Trump in danger not only of losing but of taking the Senate down with him. And demographic shifts are only becoming more favorable to Democrats. The suburbs are rapidly growing, and by 2018, according to Pew, people of color made up nearly a third of the suburban population.

The report goes on to talk about the overall price the Republican party is going to pay for years to come even after Trump. A former chair of the Republican Party in Wake County, N.C., Charles Hellwig, has an even more dystopian prediction for the Republican party. He said, “We can’t give up more ground in the suburbs nationally without having a real problem for our party.  Hellwig was clearly describing a landscape in which “every year, every month, every day, we get a little bluer.”  Trump’s damage in the suburbs has come primarily, as it has elsewhere, from his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. But Trump’s response to the George Floyd protests also appears to have hurt him in the suburbs — his militant reaction crashing into an electorate that is less white and insular than it was half a century ago. Comparing new voter registration in 17 states from immediately before the Floyd protests began to the week after, the Democratic data firm TargetSmart found that young people and people of color were registering at higher rates than before — with years to cast ballots for Democrats still ahead of them.’

Former Republican Rep. Ryan Costello also had criticism for Trump’s handling of the George Floyd protests and pointed out the mess he will leave the party. He said, “There was an opportunity in the riots and defund police-type stuff. I just think these things happen so fast that ultimately Trump becomes the story again.”

Read the full report here.

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