Report Reveals Trump Billed Taxpayers Even More For His Golf Trips Than He Admitted To Doing Before

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, makes money off of his stays at his resorts or visits to his golf courses.

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Seen as a huge breach of ethical conduct, a new report details how the Trump Organization failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars that was spent by the Secret Service that went into Trump’s business’ coffers.

Documents obtained by the watchdog group Public Citizen found that there was $157,000 that wasn’t previously disclosed that was spent by the Secret Service at Trump’s resorts and golf courses, the Washington Post reported. In hundreds of instances, the Trump Organization charged $400 for an overnight stay in a single room, for example.

In total, the Trump Organization has charged the Secret Service $628,000 since Trump became president.

This trounces previous claims made by Trump’s son, Eric Trump, who has been left in charge of managing the elder Trump’s business while he’s serving as commander-in-chief. Indeed, Eric Trump suggested last year that the Trump Organization was only charging around $50 per night in such rooms.

It’s possible that there are more payments from the government to the Trump Organization that we still don’t know about, the Post pointed out. Per their reporting:

“The payments show Trump has an unprecedented — and still partially hidden — business relationship with his own government. The full scope of that relationship is still unknown because the publicly available records are largely from 2017 and 2018, leaving huge gaps in the data.”

When the Post attempted to get answers from Eric Trump for their story, he wouldn’t elaborate on what the company charges in general to government workers, merely saying that the Secret Service was charged “a cost” for staying at Trump Organization locations. The White House also refused to give a comment on the story to the Post.

Beyond the ethical implications of earning a profit each time he stays at one of his own properties, many have criticized the president for his excessive travels and golf outings since taking office. Trump frequently criticized former President Barack Obama for golfing often, but Trump’s golf trips have far outpaced his predecessor’s time spent on the greens.

Featured image credit: The White House/Flickr

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