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Report: POTUS Lashed Out At Fox Because Of “F— Trump’ Chant That Aired Following Women’s Soccer Win

Report: POTUS Lashed Out At Fox Because Of “F— Trump’ Chant That Aired Following Women’s Soccer Win

President Donald Trump’s several-tweets-long rant against the Fox News network over the weekend, a cable news station that generally allies with the president in its opinionated content, came about due to the network accidentally airing chants of “F— Trump” that occurred at a French sports bar, according to a new report.

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Fox had been covering the historic win by the Women’s national soccer team over the Netherlands in the World Cup final. After the cameras went live, fans started the chant, which aired on the network.

Two aides to the president told the Associated Press that many of the president’s criticisms over the network stemmed from that event, even though Trump’s ire focused on Fox’s hiring of former Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile, as well as their use of the New York Times as a source in a story about conditions at migrant detention centers.

Trump said watching Fox News over the weekend was “worse than watching” CNN or MSNBC programs.

“@FoxNews, who failed in getting very BORING Dem debates, is now loading up with Democrats & even using Fake unsourced @nytimes as a ‘source’ of information,” Trump said in a series of tweets.



Some, including Frank Sesno, who spoke with the AP about the matter, believe Trump has higher expectations for Fox, believing they must always be on his side of an issue. When they deviate from his official line, it upsets him, he suggested.

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“I think he takes ‘Fox & Friends’ literally, that they’re supposed to be friends,” Sesno, the director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University, said.

Some of Fox’s commentators may have gotten the memo, at least indirectly, about placating to Trump’s baser instincts. After his criticisms were made on Sunday, Fox News personality Jesse Watters took to attacking the Women’s national soccer team over some of the players’ disparaging remarks about the president in recent weeks, previous reporting from HillReporter.com noted.

Watters said the women’s team didn’t deserve to get equal pay to the men’s team because of their remarks.

“If you go out and you disparage the president and you act in unpatriotic ways and then complain about not getting paid equally, well, what do you think is gonna happen?” Watters asked.

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