Report: Petulant Trump is Furious at Kevin McCarthy Again and May Blast Him During Tomorrow’s Speech

Donald Trump is one of the more temperamental people on the planet. And when you put someone like that at the head of a political party, they can create absolute chaos.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The GOP had a chance to purge Trump from the party once and for all during his impeachment trial, but chose not to do so. So now they have to deal with his moods.

Kevin McCarthy already drew the ire of the former president once by saying he was partially to blame for the insurrection. The House minority leader had to fly down to Mar-a-Lago and butter Trump up. It may not have worked, though, as a new report from Politico says that the former president is again mad at McCarthy and might blast him during his Sunday speech.

Tara Palmeri writes, “Three people close to Trump tell me that he’s stewing anew over Kevin McCarthy. It’s become so frequent that his advisers think the House minority leader may be in for a public reprimand. That’s even after the powwow at Mar-a-Lago where McCarthy tried to patch things up after he denounced Trump for the violence on Jan. 6.”

The report continues, “Each time Cheney criticizes Trump from her leadership post as the No. 3 House Republican, he’s reminded that it was McCarthy who pleaded with his conference to keep her on as chair — despite her vote to impeach Trump. The latest trigger came Wednesday, when Cheney said at a press conference that Trump should not lead the party going forward while McCarthy awkwardly stood by.”

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