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Report: Pence, Aides, and Staff Forced Into Hiding on Jan 6th Because They Were Locked Out of Their Offices

Report: Pence, Aides, and Staff Forced Into Hiding on Jan 6th Because They Were Locked Out of Their Offices

In a stunning Twitter thread on Wednesday, user MuellerSheWrote reveals that an anonymous source is confirming that former Vice President Mike Pence, his aides, and staff discovered a little too late on January 6th that their access badges had been deactivated. They were all locked out of their offices within the Capitol complex, forcing Pence and his aides to hide on a loading dock.

The thread also claims that as they huddled in place, Pence’s staff discussed the possibility of having Trump removed from office.

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In one tweet, MullerSheWrote quotes the anonymous source regarding the badges. The access badges worked that morning before the mob entered the capitol, but once Pence was removed from the chamber floor, their badges no longer worked. Access was restored later that night after the threat was over.

Pence was clearly a target for the marauding mob of Trump supporters, many of whom chanted “Hang Mike Pence!” as they ransacked the Capitol. As ABC News journalist Jonathan Karl told Stephen Colbert, he saw the images while working on his new book, “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show,” and said they are “wild.”


“He (Pence) was in a loading dock in an underground parking garage beneath the Capitol Complex,” Karl told Colbert. “No place to sit. No desk, no chairs, no nothing. He was in this concrete parking garage.” One photo shows Pence reacting to a tweet from Donald Trump attacking him in the middle of the siege. “You can see, it kind of looks like Pence is grimacing,” Karl said. “But you can never really tell.” Karl asked Pence if he could publish the pictures ― which were taken by the official White House photographer as part of his taxpayer-funded job ― but Pence blocked their release.


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MuellerSheWrote has indicated she expects to get more information soon. For now, HillReporter is only sharing her thread, but we will update this story as it develops. Read her thread in full by clicking through, below.

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