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Report: Pelosi Refusing to Return Mark Zuckerberg’s Calls

Report: Pelosi Refusing to Return Mark Zuckerberg’s Calls

In late May, Conservatives, including Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, shared a doctored video slowed down to make Nancy Pelosi appear drunk. While social media sites like Youtube and Twitter took the video down, Facebook refused to remove it from their platform.

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During an interview with KQED News, the Speaker of the House tore into Facebook calling the company, “willing enablers of Russian meddling.” Perhaps because of these comments, Facebook chief, Mark Zuckerberg attempted to reach out to the California Congresswoman. According to a report from the Washington Post, Pelosi has yet to return his call.

Pelosi said during the interview, “For me, I’m in the arena, I’ve been the target all along. I wonder what they would do if [Facebook chief executive] Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t portrayed, you know, slowed down, made to look” drunk. If it was one of their own, would this be — is this their policy? Or is it just a woman?”

Facebook discussed their refusal by saying, “We don’t have a policy that stipulates that the information you post on Facebook must be true.” That explanation did not sit well with the Speaker of the House and she doesn’t seem willing to allow Zuckerberg to explain.

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Last April, the Facebook founder was called to testify before Congress. Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers discussed their issues with the social media site. In an attempt to explain all the issues, Zuckerberg remarked, “I think it’s pretty much impossible, I believe, to start a company in your dorm room and then grow it to be at the scale that we’re at now without making some mistakes.”


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