Report: Narcissistic Trump Is ‘Furious’ That Cuomo’s Pressers Are Better Than His

President Donald Trump is not the steady hand that we need as leader during this COVID-19 pandemic.

He is erratic, full of misinformation for an already terrified and confused public, and unable to contain something that could quite possibly kill us all.

Pat Arnow/Flickr; The White House/Flickr

Know who fits the bill when it comes to how to address the nation during this time via the press on a regular basis? New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo’s state has the nation’s largest city with the densest population, New York City. To that end, there has been a need for daily press conferences from the governor of New York on the subject of coronavirus.

In contrast to that, Trump’s press conferences have been an absolute blundering mess. He has noticed the difference between the way people are receiving his press conferences and Gov. Cuomo’s. And Trump is not having it.

During an appearance on AM Joy on MSNBC Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair said of the situation:

“My sources who are in touch with the White House, several people told me that one of the things driving [Trump’s task force press conference apperances] is that the president has been furious and frustrated at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who has been holding these very widely well-received early morning press conferences and, in the president’s view, has sort of hijacked the news cycle.”

“So now you see Trump, you know, taking the stage after Cuomo trying to take back the mantle and unfortunately he’s doing that with misinformation,” he continued. “So we’re in a situation where the president’s narcissism and his need to be at the center of every story, even though the story is not about Donald Trump, this story is about a global pandemic, is what is driving the White House’s communication strategy.”

“I had a senior former West Wing official tell me that the president needs to be his own press secretary and that’s what’s driving this,” Sherman concluded.

And there’s the rub. The malignant narcissist child can’t take seeing what a real press conference is supposed to look like.

Gov. Cuomo is worried about his state and the rest of society, as he should be. Trump, the big baby that he is, is worried about himself and how he is being viewed.

Just what we need during a pandemic.

Watch the segment below:

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