Report: Mueller in Possession of Notes Taken by Trump Staffer – Said to be ‘jewel’ for Investigators

As Robert Mueller continues his collusion investigation, he is pulling together multiple pieces of evidence. While the investigation has relied on a number of interviews, the FBI is also collecting documents and notes.

Robert Mueller
Photo Credit: Flickr: James Ledbetter

Annie Donaldson served as White House Counsel Don McGahn’s Chief of Staff. According to the New York Times, “Donaldson has turned over exhaustive notes which detailed in real time Mr. Trump’s behavior in the West Wing.”

The Times says Trump’s lawyers have described the notes as, “a jewel in the special counsel’s investigation.” The notes being most closely looked at are those taken around the time that Trump fired James Comey. These notes could potentially be used to build an obstruction of justice case against the president.

The paper also details the way FBI lead prosecutor, Andrew Goldstein has gone about collecting information. While Goldstein’s relationship with former Trump lawyers McGahn and John Dowd was civil, it has become acrimonious under current lawyer, Emmet Flood.

The White House is preparing for the report to be released in the upcoming weeks. New Attorney General, William Barr, will have broad latitude in deciding how much of the report is seen by the public. Democrats, however, have threatened to subpoena Robert Mueller if the full findings of the report are not released.

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