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Report: Melania’s Be Best Foundation Has Failed to hit Most of its Goals

Report: Melania’s Be Best Foundation Has Failed to hit Most of its Goals

It is a tradition for the First Lady of the United States to create a charity focused on something she is passionate about. For Nancy Reagan, it was the war on drugs. Michelle Obama’s Lets Move! foundation was focused on reducing childhood obesity.

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Melania Trump, somewhat ironically, wanted to combat the scourge of bullying. She named her foundation, Be Best, and specifically concentrated on preventing online bullying and set ambitious goals. According to a report from CNN, many of those goals have not been met.

During last year’s anniversary event for the foundation, Trump said the organization would be growing. The goal was to expand from children’s online safety to online safety for all. There was also meant to be a new focus on preventing drug abuse.

In addition the group was to add 20 new ambassadors. The foundation was unable to provide the names of any of these people.

In 2018, Melania Trump took a trip to Africa as part of her organizations mission. There was supposed to be another International trip in 2019, but this never materialized.

As the leader of the foundation, Trump only attended 10 events focused on the online safety of children. During one of these events, in Baltimore, Maryland, the First Lady was booed by school children.

The White House said in a statement, “Over the past two years, Be Best has played a major role in spreading awareness, highlighting successful programs and acts of kindness, and encouraging public-private sector relationships to help children overcome the struggles they face every day.”


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