Report: Melania to Bail on Trump Reelection Campaign Following RNC

Like her husband is not a traditional President, Melania Trump is not a traditional First Lady. Her charitable initiative, Be Best, has been mocked for its incredible lack of self awareness. She doesn’t speak often, but has been accused of plagiarism when she does.

Melania Mask
[Image via Melania Trump/Twitter]
And at this point, the current First Lady spends very little time in the spotlight. She will be making a speech during next weeks Republican National Convention. According to CNN, though, she will be doing nothing to help the Trump campaign after this appearance.

The news channel reports that the First Lady will not, “attend events, speak to fundraisers, nor attempt to garner voters in any tangible way.”

Last night’s well received Jill Biden speech showed how a strong partner can help garner votes during a campaign. Michelle Obama, who spoke during Monday’s event, is enormously popular and was named 2019’s Most Admired Woman in the World.

Melania Trump has taken a bit of a different tact in her role. Anita McBride, who served as Chief of Staff for Laura Bush, explained, “Mrs. Trump has shown us over and over that she does this role her way, with her timing, and generally on her terms. For her not to be out there beating the bushes, drumming up votes, is not all that unusual, considering what we have learned about her as a first lady. But when she does want to be heard, she’s effective.”

The First Lady will be making a speaking appearance at the Republican National Convention which begins August 24th.

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