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Report: Melania is Miffed Over Jill Biden’s Popularity

Report: Melania is Miffed Over Jill Biden’s Popularity

Melania Trump was a very non-traditional First Lady. The former model did her best to follow the traditions of the office. Like her husband, though, she was often embroiled in controversy.

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The former First Lady was accused to plagiarizing Michelle Obama speech’s on multiple occasions. She also used her platform to speak out against bullying, a stance many found ironic thanks to her husband’s online behavior.

Melania is not down at Mar-a-Lago with her husband and Jill Biden, a veteran of Washington DC is the First Lady. Trump, though, it reportedly unhappy about the popularity of her predecessor.

CNN reports, “Trump’s most fervent ire has come from watching Jill Biden kick off her East Wing tenure on nearly the antithesis of the path Trump took. Biden moved into the White House right away, for starters, and had a staff hired and fleshed out within two weeks of the inauguration. Trump, meanwhile, remained in New York for the first five months of the administration, ostensibly to let son Barron finish up the school year; she never had more than 12 people on her White House staff, at times there were as few as seven.”


Kate Bennett continues:

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“The attention Biden has been getting has not gone unnoticed by Trump, say those who know her. Though she is lamenting the media focus on her successor, Trump turned down several similar offers from national publications throughout her time as first lady, according to two people who worked closely with her. When presented with offers and asks for participation, it was Trump who would not want to do them. In four years, she never did an interview with a national publication.”


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