Report: Matt Gaetz Claimed Kelly Loeffler Offered Trump $50 Mil. Donation to Get her Opponent Out of Race

Doug Collins and Kelly Loeffler have both been controversial GOP lawmakers. Just this weekend, Collins made news by bashing the recently deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Democratic lawmakers have called for an investigation into Loeffler after she sold off stocks prior to the COVID-inspired economic collapse.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

And the two Republicans will be facing off in a race for Loeffler’s senate seat. Florida congressman Matt Gaetz has thrown his support behind Collins. And according to the Daily Beast, Gaetz recently told voters that Loeffler offered Donald Trump money to get Collins out of the race.

The report quotes Gaetz as saying at a recent rally, “This is what the Loeffler team went to the Trump team with. They went and said, ‘Look, you guys gotta get Doug Collins out of this race’… She said, ‘I have $50 million for this project, and I can either spend my $50 million getting new voters and helping the Trump campaign, or I can spend that $50 million taking out Doug Collins.”

Gaetz also said of the current senator, “I understand that Kelly Loeffler has a lot of money. [But] a seat in the United States Senate should not be a reverse dowry paid in the greatest country in the world.”

Loeffler has not yet responded to this claim, but a spokesperson recently said of the race, “The reason Doug’s losing is because he’s a failed career politician who spends every waking second – including today – lying about Kelly’s record while he looks for his next taxpayer funded paycheck.”


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